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Behind The Wheels // 

The goal of Citywide Roadside Assistance is to provide emergency roadside service to private citizens, motor club affiliations, police departments and contracted businesses in a timely and efficient manner. We will always strive to meet or BEAT all response times in 30 minutes or less. We believe that maintaining this goal will continue to make our business grow and succeed and our values of hard work, integrity, commitment and attention to detail are the underlying principles that will establish us as future leader in the roadside services industry.


Honest and Accurate Estimated Time of Arrivals

We understand that your time is valuable.  For this reason, we make every effort to provide service as soon as we possibly can.  We give honest and accurate Estimated Time of Arrivals.  If there any unforseen delays in arrival, we will call you to notify you of the delay and the reason why.  Beware of some roadside service providers that will give you a very low Estimated Time of Arrival, but then arrive an hour and a half late.  We believe in giving an honest and accurate Estimated Time of Arrival even if that means that we may not get to provide the service.  We believe in this policy to maintain a reputation as a Fast, Friendly, and RELIABLE company. 


Competitive Rates

We offer low rates which are competitive with today’s market.  Beware of roadside service providers which offer super low rates.  The service that you receive is usually reflective of the price.  These vendors will many times arrive very late if they receive any other service calls which they may put first.  Also, the quality of service is reflective of the price.  We will give you the service you deserve at a low price which you can afford. 

Testimonials //
  • “Wonderful. Locked my keys in my car (in the ignition! Car running! How does that happen?) They came in 10 minutes, gave me a great deal and even a discount. Very nice and personable, professional, all I could have asked for..”

Elliot J.



  • “Citywide Roadside Assistance Is a life saver on more than one occasion. The guy Came out no longer than 20 mins like he said he would and i had my keys in hand no more than 5 mins.”

Lena R.



  • “Needed a tire change at like 2am in the morning. A guy answered the phone and said he would be out right away , he was super friendly and changed my spare tire for me in no time! Super cheap too. Highly recommend citywide roadside .”

   Kyle R.



  • “Last night i locked myself out of my house and my car. my house keys were attached to my car keys ): So i gave citywide a call and they got into my car and retrieved my keys in no time!"

Jake C.